Installation Services in Leatherhead

Welcome to our professional installation services in Leatherhead, where we are committed to offering superior installation solutions for our residential clients. Our team of skilled installers is dedicated to providing outstanding service, whether you need pet flap installation, dog flap installation, or cat flap installation work.


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Installation Services in Leatherhead

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. This is particularly true for pet owners in Leatherhead who strive to provide the best for their furry companions while juggling their busy schedules. Our Leatherhead-based pet flap, dog flap, and cat flap installation service is designed with this in mind, offering unparalleled convenience for both you and your pets. Imagine a world where your pets can come and go as they please, enjoying the freedom of the outdoors or the comfort of your home without needing your assistance to open the door. This enhances their well-being and independence and frees you from the constant interruptions of letting them in and out.

Our Leatherhead service stands out by offering a variety of high-quality, durable, and secure pet door options that cater to the unique needs of your home and your pets. From energy-efficient models that keep your home insulated to microchip cat flaps that ensure only your pets have access, we provide solutions prioritising convenience and security. Our installation process is seamless and tailored to fit all types of doors, walls, and windows, ensuring that no matter your home’s layout in Leatherhead, we can enhance it without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Choosing our Leatherhead service means investing in peace of mind. You’ll no longer worry about rushing home to let your pet out or dealing with the mess and stress of accidents indoors. Instead, you’ll enjoy a happier, healthier pet who appreciates the freedom of movement and the confidence it brings. Let us help you make your Leatherhead home more pet-friendly and your life a little easier. Embrace the convenience and freedom our pet flap installation service offers, and give your pet the quality of life they deserve.


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Our Installation Services in Leatherhead

Pet Flap Installation

Leatherhead’s Swift Solution: Pet Flap Installation Services, Around the Clock

Dog Flap Installation

Leatherheads Reliable Choice: Dog Flap Installation, Excellence Guaranteed

Cat Flap Installation

Crystal Clear Solutions: Premier Cat Flap Installation Services in Leatherhead

Pet Flap Installation

Our pet flap installation service is tailored to provide you and your pets with the utmost convenience and freedom. We take pride in offering prompt and personal service, ensuring that your furry companions can quickly move in and out of your home. Whether a dog or a cat flap, our expert fitters are equipped to install various high-quality, durable, secure pet doors that cater to your home and pets’ unique needs; with our seamless installation process, we can enhance your home in Leatherhead without compromising aesthetics or functionality. By choosing our service, you’ll invest in peace of mind, knowing that your pets can enjoy the outdoors or the comfort of your home without constantly needing your assistance. Embrace the convenience and freedom our pet flap installation service offers, and give your pets the quality of life they deserve.

Dog Flap Installation

Our dog flap installation service is dedicated to giving your canine companion the freedom and flexibility they deserve. At Instant Glass, we take pride in offering a prompt and personal pet flap installation service tailored to homes in Leatherhead. Our expert dog flap installers are well-versed in fitting a variety of dog flaps, including microchip-activated ones that ensure only your pet can enter, preventing uninvited pests from making their way into your home. We understand the importance of convenience and security, so we provide sturdy and attractive dog flaps suitable for different breeds and sizes of dogs. With our seamless installation process and a wide range of styles and colours, we guarantee minimum disruption to your day and fair, fixed pricing, ensuring value for your money. Give your dog the freedom to enjoy your garden or outdoor space at their leisure, and eliminate the need to watch or listen for their request to go outside constantly. Contact us today to discuss your dog flap installation needs in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas

Cat Flap Installation

Our cat flap installation service in Leatherhead is dedicated to providing a seamless and convenient solution for your feline friend’s indoor and outdoor access. Whether you already have a cat flap or need one supplied, our expert fitters can install a variety of cat flaps into a range of materials, including glass, uPVC panels, and metal doors. We understand the importance of maintaining your cat’s safety and security, so we offer professional and reliable installation services with a full guarantee. With over 20 years of experience fitting pet flaps, we ensure the installation is carried out to the highest standard, giving you peace of mind and your cat the desired freedom. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us help enhance your cat’s quality of life in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas.


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When considering a pet flap, dog flap, or cat flap installation service in Leatherhead, Our installation service stands out as the premier choice for several compelling reasons. Firstly, we prioritise customer satisfaction by offering a personalised and prompt service, ensuring that the installation process is tailored to your needs and carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our expert fitters are well-versed in installing a wide range of pet flaps, including dog and cat flaps. They are committed to providing durable and secure solutions that prioritise both convenience and the safety of your pets. Additionally, our seamless installation process is designed to minimise disruption to your daily routine, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Furthermore, We are dedicated to offering transparent and fair pricing, ensuring you receive excellent value for your investment. We provide a free survey and estimate “without obligation,” allowing you to make an informed decision without any financial commitment at the initial stage. Our fixed pricing policy means that you can have complete confidence in the cost of the installation, with no hidden fees or surprises. By choosing Instant Glass for your pet flap installation needs in Leatherhead, you can be assured of a professional, reliable, and customer-focused service that prioritises the well-being and freedom of your pets while enhancing the convenience of your home.

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